Tyler Ward Walks Us Through His Journey of ‘Hello. Love. Heartbreak.’ [VIDEO]

October 1, 2012 11:45 am

Following the release of his album, Hello. Love. Heartbreak,  Tyler Ward  has transitioned from one of the most popular musicians on YouTube to a new and original, iTunes charted artist. We have the exclusive interview where Tyler reveals his celebrity crush, shocking iTunes playlist and more!

On His Experiences Before YouTube Fame:
Believe it or not, Tyler’s music wasn’t always appreciated. Well, to a bar full of drunken strangers at least. He took us back to two and half years ago, when times were rough before viral video fame. Through the laughter, he dished on an early paying gig where his covers and original songs led to a less-than-amused crowd demanding less soulful material and a little more “Sweet Home Alabama.”  He shared, “That first story of having a beer bottle chucked at my head was like, ‘Okay, I need to get my crap together.'”

Does Tyler Have A Celebrity Crush?
It’s no secret Tyler is the object of many fans’ affections. But before you create a “Will You Marry Me?” sign to wave around at one of his upcoming shows, know that there may be some stiff competition. “I’ve had a crush on Taylor Swift for like 2 years!” says Tyler. “I literally wrote her a song called ‘Tyler Swift.’ I’ll even promise you this – I’d change my name to Swift.”

What’s On Tyler’s Personal iTunes Playlist?
Some of Tyler’s most popular YouTube covers include “Payphone” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”  With such a range of song selections, we felt compelled to ask Tyler if he was into another of our favorite throwback bands: Spice Girls. Unfortunately, no, their spicy tracks are not on his iTunes playlist. “But I do have the entire collection of Tupac on my iPod,” Tyler revealed. “If he had an unreleased track, I would love to be the ‘hook’ guy on that.”

Introducing Tyler Ward’s ‘Hello. Love. Heartbreak’ [AUDIO]

On The Kardashian Family As His Roommates:
Tyler was a true champ in our interview’s ‘lightning’ round. After learning he would rather be roomies with the Kardashians instead of the cast of Jersey Shore, he shocked us all when he said he’d like to live with Bruce Jenner instead of the sexy sisters. “Because I feel like since he’s out of the spotlight most of the time.”  Touché!

Tyler Ward Covers ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ [VIDEO]

A Personal Message To His Fans: 
Tyler continues to keep us wanting more as he promises new covers, amazing live shows and an even deeper relationship with his fans.  “I’m very open and honest with my fans,” says Tyler. “The way we communicate is just like, ‘This is me. Come on board and let’s do this thing together.'”

Continue showing your support and head to iTunes! Tyler’s first album, including this brand new original song, “I Don’t Wanna Miss This,” is available now.


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