Cimorelli and Matty B Hit Central Park ‘Gangnam Style’ With Perez Hilton! [VIDEO]

October 2, 2012 7:18 pm

Matty B takes Cimorelli on a wild chase through New York City!

Cimorelli Spread Their ‘Wings’ With Original, Inspiring New Song [VIDEO]

Remixing the viral sensation “Gangnam Style,” Matty B spits a sick spin on the Korean heavy electric hit. Collaborating with Cimorelli, the sisters hit the big apple with powerful vocals and a quirky storyline to boot.

Making an epic cameo appearance, Perez Hilton takes to the streets with Matty B and the girls in an unforgettable dance sequence. The celebrity blogger who has recently hit the Broadway stage keeps up with his younger counterpart as they bounce and fist pump their way through New York.

Cimorelli Celebrate AT&T’s ‘No Text On Board Pledge Day’ With A New Song

The stars of the video also took the time to spend the day with a truly inspiring fan. Elle, a young girl who is currently recovering from a liver transplant, was able to interact with Cimorelli and Matty B during their shoot in Central Park. As frail as Elle was, she was still able to empower and make behind-the-scenes truly inspiring!


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