Ryan Seacrest Comments On Nicki Minaj &. Mariah Carey Leaked Video [AUDIO]

October 3, 2012 7:02 am

Ryan Seacrest commented on the Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey  American Idol feud during his radio show, On Air With Ryan Seacrest. “It was heated, it did go too far, to the point where the producers said, with just a few more contestants left, ‘Let’s call it a day.'”

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He discussed that each judge comes with a different, important perspective. “Nicki’s got a specific perspective about what’s playing and hot on the charts right now. Mariah has got that iconic experience and legend status.” Although they had a feisty feud, Ryan has faith they will be able to cordially work together on the panel.

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The contestant who was auditioning when the feud began was only in the room for about one minute. Ryan explained that when the feel “became intense” an executive producer walked the contestant out and presented her with a golden ticket to Hollywood. The contestants who were not judged yesterday due to the day being cut short, will audition today! Listen below to hear Ryan’s interview:


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