‘The X Factor’ Finalist Chris Rene Sits Down For A Candid Interview!

October 3, 2012 11:17 am

To say the least, this first week of October has been a big one for “The X Factor” finalist Chris Rene.

All week long RyanSeacrest.com has been featuring Chris, as he debuted a new song off of his album, and released his first major label EP I’m Right Here. His extended play record shares 7 tracks with his listeners about overcoming struggles, falling in love, and much more. His smooth reggae-like vocals make us want to put his new EP on repeat. Chris has been very open about his struggle with addiction since his initial audition on “The X Factor,” and his strength and courage to overcome his battle is a prominent theme throughout this album.

EXCLUSIVE: Listen to Chris Rene’s New Song ‘Chains’ [AUDIO]

Chris talked to RyanSeacrest.com about the message he hopes to send with his music, why he thinks his career is just beginning, and why he was cleaning up messes at his very first job.

Listen To Chris Rene’s Debut EP ‘I’m Right Here’ [MUSIC]

If you could trade spots with any celebrity, who it would be?
If I could change spots for one day it would be with Stevie Wonder. I would like to see how he feels living life without being able to see. I’m sure he sees with his heart instead, and that would be cool.

When Did Your Career In Music Start?
Music started for me at age 12. My career started today October 2, 2012 because my first Major Label EP I’m Right Here is out now. So it has just begun & I know it is an uphill battle.

Do You Have A Name For Your Fans?
Renelians! We have an army called ‘Love Life Army’ because that is my message for everyone: to love and live their lives to the fullest!

Check out Chris Rene’s Single “Trouble” below!

What Would You Be Doing If You Weren’t Doing Music?
I don’t know what I would be doing if I didn’t make music; it’s my true destiny. My first job though was a janitor!

Which of your tattoos is your favorite?
My love life tattoo is the best because its meaning is purely positive.

What’s your ideal first date?
Dinner, a movie, sunset on the beach, dessert, and meditation.

What 3 albums would you take if you were going to be stranded on an island?
Bob Marley’s Greatest Hits, Mozart, and a Meditation Healing Music Compilation.

When you make your first million, what’s the first thing that you’ll buy?
I will invest in a home for myself, my baby mama, and my kids. I will create a place to help generations with music, addiction awareness, and knowledge of gang life and what it all represents.

Chris also told us that if his parents could describe him, they would call him a good soul. Maybe that’s because of his inspirational music. He said that the message he hopes to send with his music is, “to accept and love oneself always and forever.”  Sounds like his vocals and Jimi Hendrix‘s guitar skills would have made a good pair. After all, Jimi is who Chris said he would pick to come back from the dead for a special collaboration. Boy, do we wish we could see that!

Stay tuned to RyanSeacrest.com for more details on Chris, and buy his EP on iTunes I’m Right Here in stores now!


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