Do You Have A Workplace Confession? [PHOTOS]

October 4, 2012 1:10 am

It wasn’t long ago that the hilarious “dog shaming” meme burst onto the scene, where owners outed their pooches for the wicked sins that they couldn’t confess themselves by placing cards guessing what the playful pooches may have been thinking. [See here]

Puppy Shaming-What Your Pooch is Really Thinking [PHOTOS]  

Now it’s time for the owners to fess up. Our team decided to come clean with some of our office’s most well-kept silly little secrets. What are your funny/awkward habits that you would never want your coworkers to uncover? Share your own #workplaceconfesssions with @OnAirWithRyan or on Facebook!

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#WorkPlace Confession

I keep an exercise ball in my cube and do abs when no one is around- so LA. #WorkplaceConfessions – @KaleWithLove


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