‘Ghetto’ Ice Cream Truck Bumps ‘Chain Hang Low’ by Jibbs [VIDEO]

October 4, 2012 12:50 am

Do yo chain hang low?

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When you think of an ice cream truck you think of the traditional big white truck with pictures of ice cream on the side. Playing that little jingle that everyone knows and gets all of the kids running up to get one of their favorite treats. This one’s different. In a hilarious video by YouTube user , she films her local ice cream truck and it’s definitely bumpin’!

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The truck is playing an altered remix of “Chain Hang Low” by rapper Jibbs. She self-describes her neighborhood as a “ghetto” and laughs about the odd nature of it. We love it and it still makes us want to get ice cream. The video has over 355,000 views. Definitely worth checking out below!


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