Tyler Perry Jokes He And Oprah Ditch The Bill At Dinner! [AUDIO]

October 9, 2012 9:54 am

He’s the man that Ryan Seacrest calls appreciative, grateful, hardworking and polite. He’s also the man that apparently plays “dine and ditch” when out to dinner with Oprah Winfrey. Would you believe we’re talking about the hilarious Tyler Perry?

Tyler stopped by On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about his new movie “Alex Cross,” the turning point in his career, hiring Kim Kardashian, and skipping out on the check with Oprah!

Kim Kardashian Set To Co-Star In Upcoming Tyler Perry Movie

On Dinner With Oprah: 
“We don’t pay. Oprah and I skip out on the bill! The old dine & ditch. It’s like, ‘I’m going to the car, I’ll be right behind you!’

On Hiring Kim Kardashian For An Upcoming Movie:
“Yea, I did [take some heat for hiring] Kim Kardashian. But she was a great hire, and did a great job. Once people see it, the heat will just pass. Kim plays a matchmaker in this company.”

On His New “Alex Cross” Movie:
Tyler talks about having to follow one of the most prestigious actors in Hollywood when agreeing to his “Alex Cross” role. “Morgan Freeman played Alex Cross in ‘Along Came A Spider,’ and ‘Kiss the Girls.’ I was just like, ‘I can’t do that, that’s Morgan-Freakin-Freeman, he played God in a movie, I can’t do that.’ But I had to do the best Alex Cross I can as Tyler Perry. I accepted the role, and people are going to be surprised, it works. And this movie holds up to the trailer. I like the arch of the character because you as a family man, see him at work doing his whole CSI thing, that intrigued me to play all of these different layers in one movie.” So what about not being in the director’s chair for this movie? “For me I’m a good leader and a good leader needs to know how to follow. It was very easy for me to sit in the back seat and enjoy it. That was vacation. I could focus on only the performance.”

On Working With Oprah On Own:
“She and I just formed a partnership for OWN. I’m working toward my own network too. It’s a win win for both of us. I get to sit and watch and listen and learn, and see what she’s going through. At the same time I get to bring programming to her network. I’m working with scripted shows, bringing a few sitcoms to the network, as well as our first drama.” And for Tyler’s own network? “I just wanted to have a network that was beyond inspirational, whether watch for a minute or an hour you leave feeling lifted. I want to be the antithesis of negativity.”

On The Turning Point In His Career:
It’s funny I was actually watching The Oprah Winfrey Show, and she said it’s cathardic to write everything down. So I started writing my first show, and rented a playhouse in Atlanta. Only 30 people showed up. From 1992-1998 I was broke out on the street. I struggled to get one play off the ground, and then finally sold out the show in 1998. From then to here it’s been amazing.

Tyler says that he doesn’t cook, but in his free time he does workout and fly RCA planes. He tells Ryan that “the work has become the free time.” We love that Tyler enjoys what he’s doing, because we certainly do too! “I’m working on a few things, we’ll see what’s next.” We can’t wait!


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