Country Duo Kingston Premieres New Song ‘Best Years of Our Life’ [MUSIC]

October 10, 2012 4:04 pm

“Goofball” brothers Zach and Josh Carter of Kingston, live chatted on the On Air With Ryan Seacrest Facebook. Not only did they premiere “Best Years of Our Life,” but they also answered fun fan questions and they surprise covers as well! They opened by telling their fans, “We are obsessed with you all and it’s kind of unhealthy.”


Country Duo Kingston Premieres New Song ‘Best Years of Our Life’ 

On Being Twins
The brothers admit that growing up, they “were nuggets of trouble” because they tag-teamed everything.  Zach joked that he found Josh on Craigslist saying, “I put in an ad for someone that looks like me and can sing like me.”

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On Music
Kingston likes “a new thing everything 5 seconds.” Right now, they are really enjoying the Script. They are also Taylor Swift fans! Josh thinks recording music is more fun than writing the songs, but Zach disagrees. Zach admitted that the most surprising music on his iPod is Tupac.

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On their new song “Best Years of Our Life”
Kingston performed this brand new song for the first time together during the live chat.  Zach said, “Everything in this song is real! Billy is Josh’s best friend, goes to events with us, some of you know Billy!” They also added that this new song encompasses the idea that everyone looks back to their high school days and say “What was I thinking?”


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