Would John Henson Choose To ‘Wipeout’ Snooki? [AUDIO]

October 10, 2012 12:01 am

Fans of the thrills and spills of ABC‘s “Wipeout” love watching contestants fall on their faces in to freezing cold water, bouncing off of multiple objects on their way to the bottom.

To add to the good clean fun, there have been rumors that a special celebrity episode is being planned for their 6th season! On Air with Ryan Seacrest went straight to the source. Ryan asked one of the show’s hosts, John Henson, which celebrity he would choose to hit the obstacle course.

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He said: “Snooki. Because in terms of color tone, she’s not far off from the big balls. She’s small, compact, might be a little roundish, she might just disappear right into the framework of the show and become an obstacle.”

Snooki‘s low center of gravity might just come in handy for this nearly-impossible-course. She might just be able to bounce her way to the finish line. “Wipeout” will celebrate its 100th episode on ABC in their 6th season this summer!

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