Adam Lambert Trades Rock Star for Weatherman [VIDEO]

October 11, 2012 10:21 am

Adam Lambert’s got a new day job – weatherman extraordinaire!

Adam Lambert Teases ‘Trespassing’ EP [PHOTO]

Making the promo rounds, Adam was put to the test at a local New Zealand news station when he was asked to be the stand-in weatherman for the day. Adam took to his Twitter to discuss the video saying “me pretending to be a f***ing weatherman. Ha ha ha.”

Adam Lambert Will Be A Vampire In ‘Pretty Little Liars’ [VIDEO]

Although not his first time on television, if you remember a little show called “American Idol,” Adam tackles the hard task of navigating a foreign part of the world and that pesky green screen! Making a joke out of an oddly named city and laughing through his set, Adam does surprisingly and hilariously well!


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