Get Tips For The Perfect PSY Costume From The ‘Gangnam Style’ Rapper [VIDEO]

October 16, 2012 8:15 am

YouTube sensation PSY has taken the world by storm! The Korean rapper called in to “On-Air with Ryan Seacrest” from Australia to talk about the success of “Gangnam Style” and tells us what elements are required for the perfect PSY Halloween costume.

The Perfect PSY Halloween Costume
So, who do people want to dress up like this Halloween season? PSY! It is one of the most popular costumes. So, in addition to the shades and the tux, what does PSY himself suggest for the perfect costume? “A bow tie and some dance moves…and got to be drunken,” the rapper says. “So, then what should I do at Halloween?” Ryan thought PSY should go as something completely the opposite, like Taylor Swift.

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On The Success of Gangnam Style:
PSY was at the airport recently and tells us: “They know me like, ‘Hey! Can you do the dance?’ I said, ‘It’s too early in the morning, I cannot,'” he says. “I did it so many times, I feel like I’m a horse right now.” PSY continues, “I really appreciate everybody in the United States, because about 3 weeks of absence I’m still doing really good. So, I appreciate everybody listening.”

PSY will be performing at night two of the 102.7 KIISFM Jingle Ball on Monday, December 3rd and check out the video below to see PSY, Ryan and the “On Air” staff showing off their best “Gangnam Style” moves!


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