Michelle Obama Divulges Her Guilty Pleasure To Ryan Seacrest [VIDEO]

October 16, 2012 8:10 am

One day after casting her vote for her husband, First Lady Michelle Obama appeared on NBC’s “Today” Show for an intimate conversation with Ryan Seacrest.

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With 21 days until the election, Michelle talked to Ryan about the thrill of voting for her husband, how she stays healthy with a busy schedule and her favorite candy of choice.

On Her Guilty Pleasure:
“I am a big peanut M&M fan but you know what, Reese’s Cup… I like the peanut and the chocolate. Once you start, you can’t stop.”

On Her Lunch Box
“We have a lot of support so I can’t begin to complain. I’ll make sure if I don’t like what they are serving [on planes], I’ll bring a sandwich. I have a lunch box. I leave the White House with a little carrier. It’s got my salad in it, my veggies, its got my turkey chili.”

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On President Obama’s First Debate:
“I am and was and will continue to be so proud of my husband and when I see him up on that stage I still see the man that I fell in love with, that I’m proud of. He talks from his heart, he talks about values so I gave him a big hug [after the first debate] and I said ‘way to go.'”

On Voting For Her Husband:
“It was rewarding, refreshing. I am confident in my vote because I have seen this president in action over the last three and a half years. We’ve got health care now. We are out of Iraq. The economy is on the right track… I voted for my husband.”

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On Voting Through Absentee Ballot:
“As a busy mom, I look for convenience because who knows where I will be on Election Day. There’s no reason with early voting and absentee ballot voting that citizens in this country shouldn’t be able to make their voices heard.”

On Michelle’s Future in Politics:
“You never know what the future holds and who knows what life will look like in another five years when this is over. I know that whatever I do, he will be right there with me as he always has been.”

VIA: “Today” Show


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