Lucy Hale Reveals Her ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Dream Guest Star! [AUDIO]

October 23, 2012 12:30 am

For fans of “Pretty Little Liars” the costume parties and trick-or-treating gets going a few days ahead of schedule when their Halloween special hits ABC Family tonight. Lucy Hale will be dressing as a flapper girl and making his acting debut is Adam Lambert, who’s guest starring as a Gothic vampire.

Adam Lambert Will Be A Vampire In ‘Pretty Little Liars’

So, are there any other unlikely guest stars Lucy would like to have on the show? “We shoot on the same lot as Ellen DeGeneres and I have yet to see her or to meet her. I don’t know if she’d fit right in, but it would be fun to have her,” she tells us. We think she would make an excellent werewolf!

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