Olly Murs Causes Trouble In New Single ‘Troublemaker’ [VIDEO]

October 23, 2012 9:45 am

Olly Murs is stirring up some trouble is new music video for his latest single “Troublemaker.” After making a name for himself on UK’s “The X Factor,” Olly is ready to take the US by storm, and causing some ‘trouble’ while doing so! The playful music video features Olly interested in a women who causes difficulty wherever she goes. Flo Rida also makes a cameo in the video with a solid rap.

Olly Murs Stops By CHOA Before Opening For One Direction!

Olly is getting ready to release his second album titled Right Place, Right Time due out in the United States December 4. This won’t be the first time he has visited the US either. It was just recently when Olly finished opening for One Direction’s North American tour.


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