Lisa Whelchel Says George Clooney Was ‘Awkward’ on ‘The Facts of Life’ [AUDIO]

October 24, 2012 12:01 am

Well “Survivor” contestant Lisa Whelchel will look to make it through another tribal council tonight at 8/7c on CBS. Now way before Lisa signed up for all those bug bites and hunger pangs she starred as Blair Warner on the classic 80s sitcom “The Facts of Life,” which in its 7th season featured a struggling young actor named George Clooney.

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So was it at all apparent to Lisa that George would evolve into the swank leading man he is today? “I certainly did not see him becoming this big movie star. He was gangly and awkward both physically and in his acting, but my has he not seasoned like a fine wine,” Lisa told us. Hey if one gawky guy can grow into People’s Sexiest Man Alive there’s hope for us all!

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