‘Pickup Line Roulette’ Tests The Best & Worst Ways To Flirt [VIDEO]

October 24, 2012 12:50 pm

Are you tired? Because You have been running through my my mind all day. Just one of the many cheesy pickup lines that we have all heard more than a few times. The chances of a line like this impressing that special someone that you have your sight set on are usually slim to none. But why not gather up as many of these lines as you can, pick them at random, and hit the streets looking for love?

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That is exactly what happens in a video posted by ‘collegehumor.’ They make a game out of it as they have people spin a roulette board filled with bad pickup lines. Whichever one it lands on is the one they use on a random stranger. Enjoy this video of the pick up lines we all know and love but that just don’t work. Make sure to share your favorite pickup lines in a comment below.


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