Pentatonix Gets Fans Into The Halloween Spirit! [VIDEO]

October 24, 2012 12:20 am

We’ve heard of scary movies, scary Halloween costumes, and scary haunted houses, but did you ever think there’d be such thing as a scary music video?

Pentatonix Goes Gangnam! [VIDEO]

A cappella super-group Pentatonix is out to show us that the only real outcome of mixing music videos with fear is pure viewing pleasure. In their cover of Imogen Heap‘s “Aha!” Pentatonix tells a creepy story of a romantic evening gone very wrong. Kidnapping, eerie lighting, and unwanted visitors tell the ever-famous tale of mystery on all Hallows Eve.

The Pentatonix Tour Stops In L.A. For A Special Concert At The Roxy! [VIDEO]

Grab your flashlight and your security blanket, and check out the haunting music video below!


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