Which One Direction Member Reveals He’s A Little Bit Shy?

October 25, 2012 12:30 am

Cue the adorable “awwww!” The guys of One Direction have definitely had to adjust to life in the spotlight, as they’ve become one of the hottest acts on the globe. They definitely have that “One Thing.”

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But not all of the boys were necessarily ready for all of the attention; in fact, Zayn Malik reveals to On Air with Ryan Seacrest that he’s actually quite introverted, quiet and reserved. He admits that he gets so anxious! Did he just get even cuter? He even applied for the UK “X Factor” twice, and chickened out. Finally his mom dragged him to auditions the third year that he signed up and made him follow through!

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So does he still get nervous when he performs? He says, “Yeah, but I’ve got four of my closest friends on stage with me for support and to let my lack of confidence hold me back would be a bit silly.”

We should all be thankful for Zayn’s first two chicken-outs, because if he hadn’t skipped the first two auditions, he wouldn’t be in 1D today. Lucky for us, that shyness came in handy. We know it had to be a fateful wimp out!

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