‘Married To Jonas’ Finale Recap: The Jonas Brothers Reunite

October 29, 2012 1:20 am

In the words of Danielle Jonas, “The Jonas Brothers are back!”

The Jonas Brothers Talk Aly Raisman, ‘American Idol’ & Reuniting

Sunday night’s finale of “Married To Jonas” marked the start of a new chapter for Danielle and Kevin Jonas. As the Jonas Brothers were recording new music and finalizing the set-list for their upcoming Radio City concert, Dani was home and stressing about a family reunion. Lucky for Dani, Kevin made it home quickly to help his wife remain calm.

The family dinner was a huge success.  Kevin’s mom Denise even had a heart-to-heart with Dani. “You have impressed me,” Denise told her daughter-in-law through tears. “I love you.”

Kevin, Dani and the family then traveled to New York City for the sold out show that would be broadcast around the world. “I’m having a panic attack,” Kevin told his wife before the show. “But it’s a good feeling.”

By no surprise, Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas put on a fantastic show where they debuted their new song, “Let’s Go.” “The show was amazing, absolutely incredible,” Kevin said. “Can we go on tour now?”

After the show, Kevin and Dani discussed their future where they agreed it’s finally time for a baby. “We’ve been on a long journey but if we stick together as a family, we can get through everything,” Kevin said. “I’m so ready for what the future holds.”

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