Groove From The Grave With Our Perfectly Spooky Halloween Playlist

October 31, 2012 6:04 am

Well it’s finally that day of year again. The day we can all put on the craziest costumes we can find, eat all the candy in sight, and dig out all of those classic scary movies. We’ve put together the perfect Halloween playlist that’s ideal for your spooky party. This compilation of Top 40 tracks, will even have the zombies groovin’ from the grave.

Super Sized Scare – Zombie Drive-Thru Prank!

Disturbia” is not only catchy, but it by definition will literally make you feel like someone is creeping in the night behind you. Click below to play the disturbing song by the one and only bad girl, Rihanna.

Be careful what you do to the beautiful Rita Ora; she might just use her charm against you and send you to your to your grave. Listen to Rita’s song featuring Tinie TempahR.I.P.

In this creepy video from worlds beyond featuring Kanye West, Katy Perry puts on a really scary costume and dances around in outer space. Don’t watch this video alone, unless you want to put yourself in the X files. Click below to watch “E.T.

Your party is going to need a throwback; ironically this song may also describe the weird guy in the awkward costume at your party. Your Halloween playlist won’t be complete without “Creep” by Radio Head.

Don’t worry, we couldn’t make a spooky creepy weird Top 40 playlist without some Gaga. “Monster” by Lady Gaga is a song that will have you avoiding dark hallways all night, and people wearing outrageous outfits like Mother Monster herself. Listen below, and eat your heart out.

Add Leona Lewis to the hot vampire list. We think you can put a spooky spin on her hit song, “Bleeding Love.” But we’d let her bite us any day.

Don’t let it’s innocent title fool you; “Lights” by the eerily beautiful Ellie Goulding has a ghostly feel to it that makes us think we might be receiving subliminal Halloween messaging through her Top 40 song. Click below to listen to the haunting song.

Another seemingly innocent medley by two queens of pop, Lady Gaga and Beyonce, is “Telephone.” At first glance the song is merely about not bringing your phone to the club; but watch closely to the video below; these dangerous ladies leave very few survivors. CAUTION: EXPLICIT CONTENT

Is it a surprise to anyone that Ke$ha‘s “Cannibal” is making the list? From throwing glitter, to eating people, she sure belongs on a crazy Halloween list somewhere.

In case we’ve frightened away all of your guests with our creepy Top 40 mix, lure them back into your House of Horror with some tasty sweet treats, and a classic Aaron Carter song to go with it. Click below for a change in mood, in Aaron’s “I Want Candy.”


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