Hurricane Sandy — 15 Fallout And Aftermath Photos You Haven’t Seen

October 31, 2012 12:30 pm

Hurricane Sandy was a devastating natural disaster earlier this week and the citizens of the affected cities didn’t hesitate to document the event in photos. Here are some photos that you may not have seen courtesy of Getty Images and Twitter users:

 Half of Manhattan suffered the loss of power on Monday, approximately 2.2 million across the affected area, according to The New York Times.

Water flooded the World Trade Center site drowning the reconstruction.

 Hurricane Sandy ripped through New York, Maryland, New Jersey and other North Eastern states.

The infamous Jersey Shore Boardwalk was destroyed after the waves hit.

A parking lot in New Jersey full of cabs was flooded.

NYC citizens were frightened when this crane broke and dangled 1,000 feet above West 57th street.

The winds took down this tree in a residential area of Washington.

Water consumed the streets of New York swallowing cars and trees.

Waves rose in the Hudson River and even affected Lake Michigan in Chicago.

Emergency vehicles were flooded making it difficult to get to those in danger.

Firefighters kept citizens safe by securing electricity lines.

Electrical fires spread and left devastation in many areas where Hurricane Sandy already hit.

The buzz of Times Square came to a halt after Hurricane Sandy.

An onlooker reflects on the damage Hurricane Sandy left behind.

A rainbow graced NYC after the hurricane subsided.


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