Is Chris Klein Back With Katie Holmes?

November 1, 2012 12:30 am

Since her split with Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes has been spotted around New York City with daughter Suri. But rumors have started to swirl, yet again, that she is back with Chris Klein, a man she dated before Tom’s era.

However, On Air with Ryan Seacrest has checked their sources, and can confirm that the rumors just aren’t true.

Katie Holmes Will Be Working With Bobbi Brown!

But, there is some real news to report with Chris. He just landed a new pilot with FOX based on a real talent agent in town. He wont be an agent on the show though; he’ll be a construction foreman.

Only in Hollywood can the life of a guy who builds entertainment careers turn into the story of a guy who builds houses. We can’t wait wait to see him with a tool belt.

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