The Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie Recaps Election Night

November 7, 2012 7:35 am

After only sleeping for two hours The Today Show’s co-anchor  Savannah Guthrie called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Wednesday morning to talk about last night’s election results!

President Obama Reveals To Us His Late Night Cheat Food

Any Details On The Concession Phone Call?
Savannah explains, “Generally speaking these are not long conversations. These aren’t old pals catching up. They’re very cursory. Usually it’s a congratulations on a race well fought. Warm wishes to the family. If I had to guess, I bet you that it was done in less than 60 seconds.”

Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, & Joan Rivers Rock The Vote on Election Day

Do You Think The President Was Feeling ‘Amorous’ Last Night?
“I’m not answering! I don’t even want to think about it,” she laughs. “I am happy to say that the sex lives of the candites is something that is outside my beat!”

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