Watch New Artist Tibbie Young ‘Dance to the Beat’

November 7, 2012 1:05 pm

“He’s a bad idea, I knew it from the start.” Sounds like Tibbie Young and Taylor Swift have their bad-boy attractions in common. Up and comer Tibbie Young released a brand new video and song called “Dance to the Beat,” showing off her retro look and her “Killers” inspired sound. This 22 year old southern belle from Atlanta, Georgia is much more than meets the eye.

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Who is Tibbie Young?
Tibbie is working on releasing her first studio album, and has been working on it for about a year. She started out in a rock and roll band called Dirty Pollyanna, which as she describes was “dirty,  sweaty, rock and roll boys, and me. It was a disaster, but I loved it.” She says, “I’ve been playing music since I was a kid, since I was 5; mom was a singer so it’s what I’ve wanted to do since I was a little girl. I’m from Georgia, and I’m making the record in New York so I’ve been going back and forth.” Listen to Tibbie’s song “Break The Future”.

On What She Wants Out Of This Record:
“We’re writing non-stop. We want to release this independently soon. I’ve been in the indie world, and that’s what I like. I just want people to hear the music, I just want people to know what I do. I think it’s a good time for this record lyrically […]I want to bring people out of any sadness they might be in. It’s going to be about picking the ones that represent where I am right now.”

On Her “Sound:”
“I definitely make pop music, but there’s a darkness to it. There’s an alternative feel around it. There’s a little bit of a retro feel, a little bit of history. It’s cool my influence comes from listening to David Bowie, The Beatles, even Britney Spears. It’s kind of all over the map.”

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On What “Dance to the Beat” Is Really About:
“‘Dance to the Beat’ was written about a certain lead singer in another rock and roll band here in Atlanta. We had fire and a strong connection but a lot of complications. Some being his bad boy persona, my insanity, and our combined neurosis. So he tried to break it off, and I had to vent.”

Listen to the heartbreak-inspired tune “Dance to the Beat” below!

On Working with Rob Fusari:
Tibbie is producing her record with Rob Fusari, a man known for his work on Lady Gaga’s The Fame album. “We like the whole idea of keeping my record indie. He writes music all the time he’s addicted to it like I am! One of my bandmates toured with Gaga on The Fame tour and that’s how Rob found me. Rob was initially going to work with my band, but then my band broke up! I met him for the first time a year ago in person. We talked on the phone for a while, and then I went up to New York. I was always under the impression that it was an invite, but he jokes that he was never really expecting me in New York, and I just kind of walked in to the studios. He was kind of forced to work with me after that.” Tibbie says she was living out of her jeep, drinking a two dollar bottle of wine in a Trader Joe’s parking lot when she got the call from Rob saying he wanted to work with her. “I thought, this might be a good time for things to turn around.”

And find Tibbie on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to find more about this up and coming artist!


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