7 Creative Ways to Invite Your Crush to Your School Dance!

November 12, 2012 11:56 am

Ryan Seacrest and Ellen K recently spoke with 15-year-old Connor Benavides about the best way to ask his crush to winter formal. The three decided on a puzzle!

Carrie Dilluvio

With high school holiday dance season quickly approaching we decided to brainstorm other ideas you could try. These seven ideas are sure to get you a kiss under the mistletoe!

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1. Write out the word “Formal?” in food! If you’re asking a girl, cupcakes are always an excellent choice. If you’re asking a boy, go to your local pizza place and ask them to spell it out with pepperoni!

2. Plan a scavenger hunt around their neighborhood! Leave clues that lead to you at the end.

3. Ask over the school intercom! Nothing will be more surprising than a guest appearance from you during the boring morning announcements.

4. Invite your crush out to dinner at your favorite Chinese restaurant. Surprise them with a special fortune inside their cookie that asks them out.

5. Write “Will you go to formal with me?” on your shirt and below it write a “Yes” and a “No.” Give them the sharpie and let them circle their answer.

6. Decorate and write “Formal?” on their car while they are in class!

7. Fill balloons each with it’s own letter and have your crush pop them until they spell out “Formal?”


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