Modern Family Star Eric Stonestreet Dishes on Charlize Theron Romance

November 12, 2012 8:50 am

Modern Family” star Eric Stonestreet called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to chat about working on the Emmy Award-winning show and dishes on his romance with Charlize Theron.

On Charlize Theron Dating Rumor:
Recently, Eric has become quite a tabloid favorite. “I don’t know if that’s necessarily a good thing. I think it’s pretty darn funny though, that I was dating Charlize there for awhile. But that’s quickly left the tabloids, thankfully,” the Modern Family star says.

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Is Eric Like His Character Cam?
“No, I pretty much wear the opposite of Cam’s clothing. People are always shocked by that when they meet me. They always assume that I dress anti-Cam on purpose. Then I’m like, ‘I’ve dressed like this for years!'” Eric continues, “I definitely see the disappointment register on people’s face when they meet me though. In person I always say that while I’m a very interesting, fun, and nice person, there’s no way I can live up to the expectation as Eric as people have to meet Cam.”

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On The Chemistry of The Modern Family Cast:
“I think any of us would tell you that when we all met at that first table read we knew that we all were very, very similar in a lot of ways. And very, very different in a lot of ways, which is what makes great couples. We get along great on and off. So, on top of us liking each other and on top of the way we work it all just clicked,” Eric shares.

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On The Success of Modern Family:
“We all know that this doesn’t last forever for TV shows. You look at all the great TV shows that have won so many awards over the years and eventually a new kid comes along. We were that new kid a couple years ago. So, we know that there’s going to be another show, so we really just all try to focus on enjoying, going to those shows, talking to you on the red carpet, winning, being nominated, all that stuff as much as we can, because we know we’re going to be yesterday’s news at some point,” Eric says.

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