Mike D’Antoni Comments On Phil Jackson & Talking With Kobe About Dwight

November 13, 2012 9:05 am

New Los Angeles Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to talk with Ryan about Steve Nash’s injury, Kobe’s comments on the Dwight trade, and beating out Phil Jackson for the job.

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Any Tension With Former Coach Phil Jackson?
“I don’t think so. Just like in any business it is what it is. I’m not replacing him. He was unbelievable in what he does, but I think that the team and the players are the ones who are going to win it. There’s enough there to win it!”

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Speaking With Kobe About Dwight Howard & Steve Nash
“I talked to Kobe this summer when we were in the Olympics in London. We wake up one day and Dwight Howard is going to L.A., and they had already signed Steve Nash. I walked by him and just said, ‘Well, someone just got himself into a championship run!’ He said, ‘Yes, sir!’ He was so excited!”

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Does Steve Nash Still Have The Same Capabilities? 
“He still has it. Last year he was incredible. I still think he has two or three more years left. Most of it at this point is mental.” Coach D’Antoni continues “To be able to coach him is a dream. I’ve already left him once, and that didn’t go too good so I’m not going to do that again.”



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