Listen To A Mashup of Ke$ha and One Direction Into ‘Live Like We’re Gonna Die Young’

November 16, 2012 8:54 am

Are Ke$ha and One Direction are teaming up and making music together?

Ke$ha Releases a Soulful, Acoustic Version of ‘Die Young’  

Not so fast. The artists aren’t meeting up in studio, but they should be because they sound amazing together in the mashup “Live Like We’re Gonna Die Young“. It may be a slightly depressing title, but there’s nothing sad about this mix of One D’s hit “Live While We’re Young” and Ke$ha’s “Die Young“.

One Direction Surprises Fans in a Waxy Way! 

The track was created by No Pets Allowed, a 21-year-old producer who seems to have quite an ear for these killer mashups. “No Pets Allowed” is definitely striking a major chord because we are keeping this track on repeat. Listen for yourself below!


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