Reasons Why We Love Siva Kaneswaran on His Birthday!

November 16, 2012 1:27 pm

The Wanted‘s good looks and fun pop vocals have earned them a spot as one of the most desirable boy-bands on the planet. Among the handsome men in the group is Siva Kaneswaran, who turns 24 today! We wanted to wish him a very special Happy Birthday to the guy who is seemingly picture perfect.Dear Siva,

Happy Birthday! This is where it all began. You were quite the long baby.

And now you’re all grown up, and turning 24 today. Yes, you.

Today we just want to let you know, we think you’re cute as a button!
(But not as cute as this puppy.)

We love your sense of style!

Most of the time…

We love that you’re friends with everyone, especially cute Easter bunnies.

And you’re already on our Christmas wish list.

We love that you’re not afraid to make the classic “duck lips” face…

And that the force is always with you.

We hope you live long and prosper in your life and music career.

And please don’t be sad that you’re getting a little older —

Because we promise you’re getting better looking with age.

Happy Birthday!
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