Christina Aguilera Says She Will Tour in Early 2013

November 19, 2012 12:35 am

Fans of Christina Aguilera saw a different side to the pop singer as she opened her Los Angeles home to cameras on Friday’s “Dateline“.

Christina Aguilera Releases ‘Lotus’ Saying It ‘Feels Incredible’ 

Joined by NBC’s Hoda Kotb, Christina shared details about losing her own singing competition show, her plans after “The Voice” and much more. Here’s a look at the best moments from her intimate interview.

On Her Childhood:
Christina opened up about her childhood that wasn’t always pretty. She witnessed her dad abuse her mom and eventually saw her parents divorce at only 7-years-old. The song “I’m Ok” is about her difficult childhood and is rarely performed in public. “It’s too much for me,” Christina said.

On Comments About Her Body:
When the topic came up about Christina’s wild outfits, the singer couldn’t help but laugh. “I’m a risk taker. I make it easy for people to take shots,” she said. After Chelsea Handler poked fun at the singer during a recent interview with Blake Shelton, Christina showed no hard feelings. Can some of the comments from the media hurt, however? “Of course it does,” Christina said. “I write songs about that ["Beautiful" and "Fighter"].”

When She Competed On “Star Search”:
Before she was coaching on “The Voice”, Christina competed as a contestant on “Star Search” where she came in second place. “I was heartbroken. I never experienced something like that,” she said. “When you’re so connected to music, it’s your everything.” She advises the members of her team who get eliminated to keep following their dreams and to never let anyone define them.

Her Plans As She Breaks From “The Voice”:
With Usher and Shakira stepping in for Christina and Cee-Lo Green next season, the “Your Body” singer plans to spend more time with her 4-year-old son, Max. “He’s my heart, he’s my world, he’s just my baby,” Christina said. In fact, the singer revealed she recorded her latest album, Lotus, in her own home to be closer to Max. In addition, Christina will head on tour with more details to be announced soon. We can’t wait!


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