One Direction, Justin Bieber & 22 Other Artists Featured in 2012 Music Mashup

November 19, 2012 12:55 am

Before DJ Earworm amazes us with another one of his year-end mega mixes, YouTube star Robin Skouteris has released his own mashup featuring 24 artists from 2012.

Listen To Mashup of Ke$ha & One Direction’s ‘Live Like We’re Gonna Die Young’ 

Featuring boy bands, an “American Idol” winner and Lady Gaga, Robin provides a wide variety of top 40 artists and hits we couldn’t stop singing this year. As an added bonus, the mashup includes a few memorable pop songs from years past including “Circus” from Britney Spears and “Price Tag” from Jessie J.

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Take a trip down memory lane and remember the great year we all had in music by listening below.


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