‘Most Likely To Eat Too Much Turkey’ & Other Celebrity Thanksgiving Superlatives!

November 22, 2012 1:10 am

Since we don’t get to spend Thanksgiving gathered around the tables of our favorite celebrites and their families, we’d like to pretend that we know just how each of them will act over this holiday weekend. Which family will fight over who sits at the head of the table? Who will eat too much turkey? And which family will be best dressed? Check out the pictures below for our Thanksgiving Celebrity Superlatives!

Most Likely To Bring Their Mom As Their Date To Thanksgiving Dinner

Justin Bieber
From his recent interviews on NBC where he dedicated and sang a song to his mom, to bringing her to the American Music Awards, we’re happy that Justin has found a woman in his life that will surely be forever at his side.

Most Likely To Eat Too Much Turkey On Thanksgiving

Kristen Bell
After recently announcing that she’d be expecting her first child with fiancé Dax Shepard, we know this stunning actress has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. We’re sure this mamma-to-be will be asking Dax to “pass the turkey” as she will be eating for two! Congrats to the couple, and to the baby who’s about to have it’s first tasty Thanksgiving.

Most Likely To Have an Inner-Family-Feud Over Who Made The Best Stuffing

The Lohans
Lindsay, Dina Lohan and company may or may not be spending Thanksgiving together, but for their sake, we almost hope not. When two or more of the Lohans get in a room together, things go sort of south. Here’s hoping they’ll be able to pass the mashed potatoes with no claws coming out.

Best Dressed Family On Thanksgiving

The Kardashians
Keeping up with them has never been easy, and you can bet when the whole family gets together at Thanksgiving, they’ll be no contest as to which family will be the best dressed. From clothing and nail polish lines to superstar boyfriends and husbands, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and the gang can literally do no wrong.

Hottest Athlete and Victoria’s Secret Model Duo at the Dinner Table

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen
Need we say more? This Victoria’s Secret super-model and her New England Patriots QB are a stunning couple, and are rolling in happiness- and dough. The pair are pregnant with their second child, and we can’t help but be jealous of that kids genes! We’d love them sitting around our Thanksgiving dinner table.

Most Likely To Say The Best Thanksgiving-Dinner Blessing

Jessica Simpson
The beautiful singer started her musical career singing at a Baptist church, and even recorded a gospel album before changing her tune to pop. Now with a hot hubby, a beautiful baby and a hopeful weight watchers campaign, we know Jess is blessed and will be happy to share that blessing with all the guests around her table. (Photo courtesy of Jess’ Twitter!)

Most Desirable Family To Sit Around The Dinner Table With

The Jonas Brothers
It’s no secret that wherever these brothers go, Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas create an absolute frenzy with their good looks and charm. With Kevin’s new wife Danielle in the picture, and a Jonas Brothers reunion tour quickly approaching, it’s hard say we’d be able to contain our emotions if we got a chance to sit around their table.

Best Braggin’ Rights At The Dinner Table

Thanksgiving is the one time of year where we get to say what we’re thankful for. For some this could be a new job, a new relationship, or just their family. But for PSY, Korean-pop superstar, he’s done more than just about anyone in the business in 2012. From a number one song, to a pony-dance being perfected all around the world, to appearances at iHeartRadio and Jingle Ball, we’d say PSY takes the bragging rights cake.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images.


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