We Build The Perfect Family on Thanksgiving – Celebrity Style!

November 22, 2012 12:20 am

In honor of the holidays and reuniting with family, we decided to put together our ideal Hollywood family party! What would Thanksgiving dinner with a Kardashian, a Clinton and a boy from One Direction be like? Find out below!

1. George Clooney is your super cool, intelligent and hot dad that all your friends want to chat with when they come over.

Getty Images

2. Hillary Clinton is your determined working mom who checks her email and Twitter at the table, but snaps at you when you try to check yours.


3. Taylor Swift is your sister who is always going through a dramatic breakup! She makes sure everyone knows why her latest ex-boyfriend is the biggest jerk of all time.

4. Blake Shelton is your overprotective big brother who will hurt anyone that is mean to you, but will tease you in front of all your family at home.

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5. Steve Carell is the crazy, fun uncle who is way cooler than your parents! He eats with his hands and slips you a five dollar bill to go turn on the football game during dinner.

6. Kris Jenner is your hyper-concerned grandma that constantly asks if you have a boyfriend and if you’re progressing in your career.

Khloe Kardashian

7. Danny DeVito is your lovable, little grandpa that thinks he is super hip. He likes all your statuses and makes awkward comments on your Facebook, but you gotta love him!

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8. Zac Efron is the hunky, distant relative you wish you weren’t related to because he’s just that hot.

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9. Honey Boo Boo is the outrageous little cousin that eats all the pumpkin pie before you even eat dinner! She’ll be hollering for more than a dollar after that!


10. Donald Trump is the older, male relative that constantly talks about politics and things you don’t understand. Half way through the night, you’ll end up zoning him out and just staring at his hair.

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11. Zayn Malik is the family member who brings over all of his uninvited friends. You know if Zayn is coming, he’s bringing along his four best buds.

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