What If Our Favorite Stars Wrote Thanksgiving Songs?

November 22, 2012 12:30 am

It’s Thanksgiving so it’s finally time to whip out those holiday songs!

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Wait, we’re not talking about Christmas music. We’re craving some Thanksgiving tunes specifically for this tasty holiday. It’s too bad this autumn music genre never caught a break past good old St. Nick. If we had it our way, Thanksgiving music would make it into the Top 40!

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Since our favorite artists today are not ready to embrace some turkey tunes, we’re left only imagining how we could combine today’s Top 40 hits with a special Thanksgiving spin. Here’s our top 9 playlist!

1. Psy‘s “Gangnam Style“.

This track’s got us singing “Heyyyyyy….sexy turkey”.

2. Owl City feat. Carly Rae Jepsen in “Good Time“.

“It’s always a food time”… and we couldn’t agree more on Thanksgiving.

3.  Justin Biebers “As Long As You Love Me“.

I don’t know if this makes sense, but Thanksgiving’s my hallelujah!

4 Adele‘s sultry hit “Skyfall.

What better way to end your Thanksgiving dinner with one final pie call.
Pecan please!

5.Maroon 5‘s “One More Night

You know you’re too full for that last serving of stuffing, but keep fighting through! YOLO.

6. Neon Trees‘ “Every Body Talks“.

It wouldn’t be the holidays without the relative’s traditional round of 20 questions. No Grandma, I’m not “seeing anyone special”!

7. Chris Brown‘s hip-hop ballad “Don’t Wake Me Up

Actually, nothing needs to be changed in this song. Instead, let it serve as a warning to our parents!

8. Fun‘s “Some Nights”.

Let’s be real, it wouldn’t be the holidays without those family brawls. They’re all in good Fun, of course.

9. Katy Perry‘s “Wide Awake”.

After that meal, we’re suffering from one turkey coma that we never want to wake up from!


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