Top Ten Most Shocking Shopping Riots on Black Friday!

November 23, 2012 12:50 am

Its Friday, Friday, gotta go shopping on Friday.

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However, after these ten videos of shocking shopping experiences, you may want to lock the doors and do your shopping in cyber space. Check out all the chaos below!

For starters, avoid Urban Outfitters at all costs…

…and Wal-mart,

Because no $1.28 towel is worth this:

…or a waffle maker of any kind.

Oh, and avoid Abercrombie, for reasons other than the smell.

Note that any display, or shelving unit cannot withstand the force of gravity on Black Friday.

Nor can this lady’s pants.

Mom always told you to fight for what you believe in…but please, never fight over a printer.

The aftermath of this scene looks more like an Iron Man Triathlon rather than a Target opening.

To lighten the mood, a Black Friday practical joke that instills the fact that retail employees will be of no help to you on this ever-treacherous day.


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