‘Are We Exclusive?’ 10 Titles Relationships Go Through Before Going Steady

November 26, 2012 7:16 am

In every relationship there comes a time for an awkward conversation to explore the grey area between friendship and romantic commitment by asking, “So, uh, what are we?” There are numerous levels of pre-exclusive relationships, from being a strict booty call to being a full-blown, devoted couple. For women, it’s anxiety-inducing trying to figure out exactly where we stand on this sticky scale.

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Ladies, I’m here to cut the confusion once and for all. If you and your current object of affection are not platonic friends and you’re not official boyfriend and girlfriend either, you’re one of these 10 titles in between. Titles are ranked from 10-1, in order of respectability and relationship potential (hint: in this case, bigger isn’t better.)

10. Booty Call
These serve one purpose and one purpose only: physical satisfaction. If you fall under this category, you probably have not associated with your man during daylight hours. He probably doesn’t know your middle name or your favorite TV show, and he probably doesn’t intend to find out.

9. Drunk Dating
You may feel like you have a consistent dynamic because every time your man parties, you’re his go-to girl. However, if your relationship revolves around sloppy makeouts and slurred speech, you can’t count on him to remember any tequila-inspired compliments or confessions; any promise of commitment after five shots is the alcohol talking.

8. FWB
Friends With Benefits. A.k.a. the most notorious of pre-exclusive relationships. You want both the perks of a friendship and the benefits of a relationship. You will have both until one of you falls for the other, and then you will have neither.

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7. Ex with Sex
You and your ex had killer sexual chemistry. Unfortunately, that’s probably the only thing you two had going for you, so that’s why you’re broken up now. Move on quickly, because you’re no good for each other.

6. Crush
He likes your statuses on Facebook. He sits next to you in class. He sends smiley faces in text messages. He shows off at the gym around you — he has a crush on you. Guys don’t necessarily act on a crush. Most times they are distantly enamored with you and too shy to make a move unless you give them the green light.

5. Talking
You guys both like each other and talk over text and call, but you’re still nervous and feeling out if you want to take things to the next level. Nerves get the best of you both.

4. Hooking Up
You’ve taken things to the next level — the physical level. However, you have more respect than the “booty call,” because “talking” and getting to know one another is generally a prerequisite for this title.

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3. Best Friends In Love
You have been asked, “can you two just get married already?” more than 3 times from multiple sources. When you hear this, you roll your eyes and act disgusted by the thought of marrying your best guy friend. In reality, you’re perfect for each other, though you’ll never admit it. You two really just need to get over it and get married already.

2. Dating
If a guy takes you out on multiple dates, willingly pays for your dinner, and opens car doors for you, you’re dating. If he’s putting the time and effort into courting you, he most likely has a genuine interest in a future with you.

1. Baaasically Together
Everyone knows you’re an item. People even mistakenly call you his girlfriend. You basically are, because you don’t even hook up with or date other people anymore. The joke is getting old and you just need to bite the bullet and make it Facebook official.


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