Justin Bieber Tells Oprah Selena Gomez is ‘One of The Most Genuine People’

November 26, 2012 6:09 am

Oprah Winfrey called it her biggest interview since Michael Jackson in 1993. On Sunday’s “Next Chapter,” the talk show queen sat down with Justin Bieber for a no holds barred television interview.

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At Chicago’s Ralph Lauren Grill, Oprah asked Justin about privacy, his favorite things and of course, Selena Gomez. If you missed the interview, here is a look at the most memorable moments from the night.

On His Current & Future Family:
Justin confessed he wants to be married by the time he turns 25-years-old, something Oprah disagreed with completely thinking it was too young. Justin also hopes to have “a handful” of kids with his wife. When asked about his mother and father, Justin had nothing but good things to say. He described his mom, Pattie Mallette, as “so kind hearted” and said his current relationship with his dad is better than ever.

Justin Reveals His Favorite Things:
Days after she revealed her own favorite things for 2012, Oprah asked Justin what some of his most prized items are. “Smallville” and “Friends” are his favorite television shows, Beyonce is his celebrity crush, Japan is his favorite place in the world and Crunch Berries is his favorite cereal.

On His Emotional State Of Mind:
In a surprise confession, Justin admitted that despite all the Beliebers and fans around him, he still feels isolated at times. “Of course I get lonely sometimes,” he said. When Oprah followed up asking if he gets depressed, Justin didn’t hesitate. “I get days when I’m down and gloomy because I’m human,” he said. “Some days you have a pain in your heart, you don’t even know why.”

Justin’s Current Dream:
He may be the most Googled person on the planet and might have gone to the American Music Awards instead of a school prom, but the next dream of Justin’s, however, is an award highly sought after in the music industry. “I want a Grammy,” Justin said. “I think that would be so cool.”

On His Relationship With Selena Gomez:
Weeks before Justin and Selena broke up, Oprah was able to ask the “Boyfriend” singer about his girlfriend. “I’m all about genuine people and she’s just one of the most genuine people,” Justin said when describing Selena. “She just has a good heart. I can talk to her about anything.”

Watch highlights from the interview below:


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