Timeflies Talks About Their New EP & Their Favorite Taylor Swift Song!

November 27, 2012 8:00 am

The Timeflies Tuesday duo of Cal and Rez are taking the music world by storm, one free-styled cover at a time. Recently the singer/producer pair have been traveling around the country on their One Night tour and are gearing up for an EP released today. We got a chance to talk to Timeflies about their tour experience, their EP and what they think of Taylor Swift!

What Is Your Favorite Song To Perform As A Group?
“‘For You‘ is our favorite because it tends to be higher energy and there’s like a crowd response. Although now that we’ve added ‘Glad You Came‘ that’s a close second because that one’s really fun. We’ve been really lucky in that our fans can recognize the different genres and that they’re getting exposed to whatever we’re into and are accepting of all of our music.”

On Experience Of Their Shows, Rez Says:
“We’re in an interesting place because we have both the live aspects of the singing and also I’m the producer, DJ, EDM side of things, and do all light design and all staging. Skrillex has an incredible show. Shows with just the hip hop rapper and the crowd go really well too, I think we’re trying to bridge the gap between those two. And the holy grail, if you’ve ever been to a U2 concert, that is just the coolest live show that’s ever been. They have the sweetest lights.”

On Their Sound and Their New EP, Rez Says:
“We’re trying to bring the sounds that are a little more underground into the mainstream. This EP will have the chance to be little more progressive, and even on the next album we’d love to bring in more dub-step, a little more of the harder stuff. But at the same time, we love pop music so it’s hopefully the best of both worlds. We’re pretty happy with the EP, [the fans] should be excited. We’re a little bit sorry because it’s only six tracks because we wanted to give them more, but we’re holding things off for our upcoming album as well. We’re really pumped about that.”

The guys have a special thank you for their fans!

What’s On Your iPod Right Now?
“‘22‘ is our jam! We love Taylor Swift. She’s such a talented song writer. We were driving around LA a week ago with the windows down bumping ‘Trouble‘. We’re jamming to that whole album. We really like Drake, Rihanna and Katy Perry.

On Advice For Up And Coming Musicians, Cal Says:
“I’d say, don’t stop. Sometimes when you get to college people say oh you need to do this or that. But the thing was what do I do with all my free time, what am I passionate about, and that was music. I just thought I need to do music, this is what I love this is what I want to do. You only get one life so you may as well pursue what you’re passionate about.”


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