Miley Cyrus Talks New Movie, New Music and One Direction!

November 28, 2012 2:48 pm

While  promoting her upcoming film “So Undercover“, Miley Cyrus told fans how she relates to her character, which films she likes to do the most, what her new music will sound like and which One Direction boy is her favorite!

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On Her Upcoming Flick “So Undercover
Miley believes she can relate to her character Molly because, “She just wants to take care of her family and take care of her friends, but also she just I think wants that approval from her dad since she worked so hard at being like him and even when she’s younger, training through him.”  Aw, Miley just wants Billy Ray to be proud! So Undercover also stars Kelly Osbourne, Joshua Bowman and Jeremy Piven. The film is due out February 2013.

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On Her Acting Preference
Despite the fact she met her fiancé  Liam Hemsworth on the set of a romantic film, Miley explained, “I really love comedies. My least favorite honestly, is like romance movies. Because it’s the one thing where it makes me feel like a little uncomfortable.” Well Miley, you could have fooled us!

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On What Her New Music Will Sound Like
Miley has been back in the studio for the last few months and gave fans the scoop on what her new music will sound like! She stated, “It’s a little bit of a tang on top of you know more hip-hop beats, I’ve got to work with so many amazing hip-hop producers. I’ve been working with The Interns and Pop and Oak who just won Hip-Hop Producers of the Year. I’ve just been kinda creating this new style and all the people that inspire me and make a hybrid of all my favorite styles.”

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On The Teen Heartthrobs Of One Direction
We know little Noah Cyrus is a huge Directioner, but what about big sis Miley? With a huge smile, Miley spilled details on who her One Direction crush is! “Zayn Malik is my favorite because my friend and him have matching hair. I think he’s the cutest.”


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