Ne-Yo Reveals His Go To Karaoke Song Is ‘Gangnam Style’

November 28, 2012 8:14 am

While doing some promotions for his new album R.E.D. [Realizing Every Dream] in Paris, R&B mogul Ne-Yo called into On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about what makes a good song, working with Sia, and a special secret about his Jingle Ball performance in Los Angeles!

A White Bengal Tiger At Jingle Ball:
Ne-Yo says he won’t be performing ‘Gangnam Style’, but will be performing ‘Love Me Love You’. “I was going to keep it to myself, but I’ve been doing this thing with this White Bengal tiger. What it is is that I bring out on stage and it actually does the choreography to ‘Let Me Love You’. Just be ready to see the tiger doing the choreography to ‘Let Me Love You’. It’s actually pretty incredible.”

What Makes A Good Song?
“A melody that is contagious, you hear it once or twice and you sing it back, a beat that is infectious, and a lyric that means something in some way shape form or fashion. I’m not saying every song has to be super serious, ‘Gangnam Style‘ means something to somebody! Whatever the song makes you feel. ‘Gangnam Style’ is my go-to karaoke song!”

On Working With Sia:
Sia co-wrote ‘Let Me Love You’ with me. I’d been trying to work with her for a very long time. I’ve been a fan since the ‘07’ days. I was trying to get a hold of her and couldn’t make it happen. Then out of the blue one day, Stargate the producers I work with on a regular basis hit me with a track and said ‘there’s a hook already written to this, we know that you don’t normally do that but we feel like this is something special and you should at least listen to it.’ I listen to it, and immediately recognize the voice and say ‘this is Sia! I’ve been trying to get with her forever.’ She’s incredible.


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