Best of 2012 — ‘Gangnam Style’ Remixes and Parodies

December 3, 2012 12:50 am

2012 was the year of “Gangnam Style” and if anyone has something different to say, we’ll argue about it. Korean rapper and K-Pop superstar PSY took the world by storm with his catchy hit “Gangnam Style”.

‘Gangnam Style’ Is Taking Over Your Christmas Lights

After hitting the title of “Most Watched YouTube Video Ever” with over 840 million views, we can definitely say it was PSY’s year. And with something super popular, there comes the parodies and remixes.

PSY Ditches Gangnam Style & Learns To Dance The Dougie!

Below are a few of our favorites for 2012! What’s your favorite Psy cover that we can add? Vote for the #Bestof2012!

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The Marching 110 of Ohio University did an eye-opening performance of “Gangnam Style” to a full football stadium! The video has over 2 millions views and it’s pretty amazing to see over 100 people doing the famous Gangnam dance.

A video posted by YouTube remixer Mike Relm combined two huge 2012 phenomenon’s of Honey Boo Boo and PSY and created, in our opinion, a beautiful masterpiece of awesomeness. It has a little over 600,000 views, you can watch it below.

Editing mastermind MysteryGuitarman took “Gangnam Style” and added his own very unique twist and sound by using individual notes from a guitar and combined to complete the whole song. It has 3.6 million views!

Our boy Cody Simpson did his own parody of Gangnam parody and it got over 1 million views. It almost copies the music video exactly to a T. Watch the performance below!

Dancer Mike Song and his 60-year-old mom do their own interpretative dance to the song. The video has an astounding 7.5 million views and was a huge hit on the web. The dance is great and they both definitely have skill. Watch it below!


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