Ke$ha Unleashed New Music And Video Via Fans Unlocking Symbols

December 3, 2012 12:55 pm

Ke$ha released new music and videos for her fans through a scavenger hunt! Learn how her fans unlocked each piece of content and then listen and watch the new videos by scrolling down. Enjoy the journey!

Ke$ha’s Warriors got a tweet from their leader to go find something!

Being the eccentric lady she is, Ke$ha teased her fans with a vague tweet mentioning a surprise.

Die hard fans started cracking the code right away. Literally! Ke$ha’s homepage was transformed into a decoder and map to represent where the symbols were being hidden, which were scattered around Milan, Italy!

Once fans starting unlocking the clues, Ke$ha expressed her excitement on Twitter!


When an #KESHAWARRIOR found each symbol, the image would appear in it’s designated slot and included the fan’s Twitter handle.

Ke$ha Tells Us What’s On Her Ultimate Party Playlist!

Ke$ha’s album comes December 4. To listen to the music and watch the video, click on the photo below!


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