What Was Ke$ha’s Favorite Part of Making Warrior?

December 4, 2012 12:30 am

For fans of partying all night today’s a special day as Ke$ha’s new album Warrior is finally out. There are all sorts of different songs on the record covering hip hop, rock, pop and even a little experimental stuff. But out of everything, what is Ke$ha’s favorite moment on the new record?

Ke$ha Unleashed New Music And Video Via Fans Unlocking Symbols

“One of my favorite moments of my life was recording with Iggy Pop. He’s like a god to me. I love him. He’s the epitome of punk rock. So, I really want all my fans to listen to that and I hope you like it,” she says. That song is called “Dirty Love” and the album also features music with guys from The Black Keys, The Strokes and The Flaming Lips. The girl definitely has a rock and roll heart!

Ke$ha’s new album Warrior is available now on iTunes.

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