EXCLUSIVE: Watch 4Count Rock Their ‘Snapback’ Swag

December 5, 2012 1:01 am

Ladies get ready to swoon. The handsome guys of 4Count (Adam, Kieran, Aaron and Ben) are premiering a brand new video for their song “Snapback” in which they tell all the ladies out there they’d like to “rock them like their snapback.” These fellas, who are signed to Nick Cannon‘s NCredible Entertainment, have got the looks, the voice, and the moves to win you over. Not to mention these guys got to perform at KissFM’s Jingle Ball Village where they impressed audiences waiting on the headline performers. [Twitter]

Nick Cannon Says ‘American Idol’ Can’t Afford Mariah Carey

Two of the brothers in the guy group were back up dancers for one of Nick Cannon’s artists, so when Nick was thinking of starting up a group he immediately thought of the talented siblings! The rest as they say is history. Nick says he has the “elite” group in the guys of 4Count, but what do you think? Check out the exlusive 4Count “Snapback” video below!


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