Your Nails Are The Best Wrapped Present At This Year’s Holiday Party!

December 7, 2012 12:39 pm

Create the perfectly polished nail design for this year’s Christmas party! Your family and friends will be dying to unwrap the secret to your fun and festive nails.

Learn How To Make Sweet Snowflake Nails!

All dressed up with somewhere to go, this rhinestone accented look is a great accessory for any holiday occasion. These simple steps will give you the perfect look present design:

Step One: Paint all your nails with Sally Beauty Red.

Step Two: With your “Stripe Rite” white, draw a cross on each nail.

Step Three: Continue with your “Stripe Rite” white, and draw your bow.

Step Four: Outline the bow with your “Stripe Rite” silver glitter.

Step Five: Apply a clear top coat and accent your perfect present with a rhinestone.

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