EXCLUSIVE: POP ETC Acoustic Version of ‘Speak Up’ from Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Soundtrack

December 12, 2012 1:01 am

Most of us don’t listen to our favorite radio station and think, what is pop music? Well, neither does the band POP ETC who has been featured on the “Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn – Part 2” soundtrack with their track “Speak Up.” They like to leave the defining of the music up to the audience. Follow the band on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Now, in a stripped down version of their popular song, the trio show us their collaborative indie sound reflecting the ideas and creativity of only three minds. Their fresh sound comes from brothers Christopher and Jonathan Chu and bandmate Julian Harmon, who say that their approach is to work outside of their comfort zone. POP ETC’s creative process accounts for the sonic sound of the final product. “Saying something is ‘pop’ doesn’t mean the production can’t be nuanced or unusual. There’s a lot of weird pop music out there,” says Chris.

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POP ETC takes inspiration from modern studio technology and music from many eras, and gives it a fresh twist while never slavishly imitating one particular sound or style. Chris, who says pop music gives you something to “hold on to,” introduces the new acoustic version of “Speak Up” revealing his own niche of guitar melodies and mesmerizing lyrics. After embracing the use of digital technology in the recording studio, the band has been able to more effectively collaborate and bring fresh deeply stimulating ideas to the table, leaving listeners with something different each time. Listen to their stripped down “Speak Up” and see what their ‘pop’ music says to you!

Feel free to stream or download the band’s song “Back To Your Heart” below!


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