Best of 2012 — Russian Videos That Made Us Laugh

December 17, 2012 12:50 am

Throughout this past year, we have been entertained by a variety of different videos on YouTube. Some of the best that we have seen are coming straight out of Russia.

Karmin Raps-Up the Holidays in ‘Sleigh Ride’ Music Video

We have gathered up our favorite videos from Russia and want you to pick the best. Enjoy these hilarious Russian videos of 2012.

Taylor Swift & LL Cool J Reveal Grammy Nominations

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In Mother Russia…The Bass Drops You!
Four young men test their bass system in their car to Chris Brown‘s “Bomb.” The result sends them flying out of their seat, and into our hearts.

We have all heard of the crazy training soldiers must go through in order to be some of the best in the world. But in this case, we see Russian soldiers march as they sing “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga

Chances are you have seen a nature show that illustrates how aggressive and even dangerous Grizzly bears can be. But we doubt they showed you this video of the cutest bear attack ever!

Many of us never got a chance to see the ledgendary Kurt Cobain when he was with us and playing with Nirvana. But if you happen to be in a Russian subway, you may just be able to catch his reincarnation. This guys sounds exactly like him!

If your radio ever breaks while driving in your car, these guys have your back! In this video we see a rock band playing on a motorcycle as they are driving down a Russian freeway.

This one just further proves the point that Russians love their bass. Here we see a girl standing outside a car with such a killer system, it will leave her with a bad hair day.

Watch out cycling tours, the Russians are coming to take over! And they are about to do it on the smallest bicycle you have ever seen.

We all just enjoyed turkey on Thanksgiving this year with our families. But this Russian turkey did not go down without a fight. A man tries to fist fight the bird. Its safe to say that the turkey came out on top.

You have probably seen a stray animal runing down the sidewalk at one time or another. But you have never seen one like this. In Russia, a dog and horse casually run down the sidewalk together.

People usually keep cats around to chase off mice and other rodents. But in Russia, mouse chases cat.


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