Five Ways To Help The Sandy Hook School Victims

December 17, 2012 5:05 am

As the nation continues to mourn the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, individuals from across the United States are paying it forward and making a difference for those affected.

Whether you want to make schools safer, give funds to Sandy Hook Elementary School directly or express your love and condolences virtually, there are plenty of ways to help. Here are five online fundraisers you can be apart of today.

1. Sandy Hook Elementary School Fund 
A fund used to help cover funeral costs for all 26 victims.

2. Help for the Sandy Hook Elementary School Families
A campaign where donations go to various organizations including counseling services, churches and other programs.

3. Sandy Hook Elementary School Victims Relief Fund
Started by a former student, this relief fund goes directly to the school’s PTSA organization.

4. Secure Schools
One woman started this fund in hopes of getting security systems in all schools.

5. Wall of Love
An interactive website used to give and receive pieces of love.

VIA: Mashable


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