One Lucky Mom Is Given Braces For Her Daughter

December 17, 2012 10:02 am

Tis the season for kindness, compassion, and Kiismas Giveaways! A high school teacher named Neeta nominated her nanny Patty because of all the hard work she does with her 7-month-old son.

Neeta said of Patty, “She was nurturing, loving, and education was important to her and her own children. She currently has 3 teenage daughters and a college going son who graduated at the top of his [high school] class. As a mother, it’s priceless to find someone you feel safe leaving your baby with for eight hours a day. Patty is working in my home now to help her younger daughter get braces and her son pay for his dorm at UCLA.”

Ryan was able to give Patty a new HP laptop  for Patty’s son for college, her three girls a $1,000 shopping spree at Forever 21, a $1,000 cash bonus, and even a special giveaway from Dr. Bill Dorfman who agreed with a special partner to give the youngest daughter braces!

Dr. Dorfman said: “I was listening and I really want to help Patty out. I work really closely with one of the orthodontic professors at dental school, and he told me he’d finish her treatment for free for you! His name is Dr. Dan Grauer. Also I run a non-profit organization called The Leap Program, and it teaches students how to be successful in life, they live in the dorms, they all have a great experience.”


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