Best of 2012 –The Cutest Kid Videos

December 19, 2012 12:50 am

There is no doubt that some of our favorite YouTube videos around are those that capture the innocence of children. Throughout this past year, our video players have shown us a variety of videos filled with cute kids.

One Direction and Ed Sheeran Perform ‘Little Things’

We have gone through all of the cute kid vids, and selected a few of our favorites. Enjoy these adorable kids and make sure to pick your favorite.

Taylor Swift & LL Cool J Reveal Grammy Nominations

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We were all captivated by this young child who was not allowed to sing his favorite Nicki Minaj song. He even trys to bargain with his mother, telling her that he will only sing the clean version.

These twins are feeling the music! This cute video shows two twin babies who know just what to do when daddy pulls out his guitar.

The strength of this baby is almost unbelievable. He is doing pull ups on the edge of a computer desk. Looks like we have found a future body builder in the making.

While most kids are singing Justin Bieber, these kids are keeping it a little more classic. Here we see three young kids singing Queen with their father in the car.

We all know what happens when you pull out a laser pointer in front of a dog. They go crazy! But what happens when you use one on a two year old?

We all remember our first love. This is a video of a little boy finding his first love. Unfortunately she is not having it.

With the election this year, we have all had our fair share of politics. But here is a video of what might be our future president.

We all love seeing who will win American Idol every year. But in this girls case, her favorite contestent did not come out on top. Her reaction is hilarious.

We all had our favorite toy as we were growing up. For these twins, their favorite is one that they can dance to!

We see viral videos of young music prodigies all the time. But these two drummer girls just might be the cutest of all.


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